Literacy, Numeracy & Digital Competency Framework


Good literacy skills are essential to ensure that you can make good academic progress across all subjects at school.

The booklets below has been designed  to help you revise some of the important literacy skills. These skills are essential for success in English and in all of your subjects.

There is also a literacy toolkit, designed to provide you with the necessary tools to improve literacy development at home.


When ensuring our learners can recall skills, show fluency in their methods and have confidence in their workings - consistency is key.

Below is a link to our Numeracy toolkit. This concise toolkit aims to support the development of essential numeracy skills; skills that are important for all ages and abilities.

Digital Competency Framework

Ensuring our learners use technology safely, whilst developing the vital digital skills that are required for students’ learning, is key at Bryn Celynnog.


Below is a link to our Digital toolkit. This concise toolkit aims to advise parents, staff and students how to access online tools safely whilst developing the skills required for learners to develop into digitally competent citizens.