We are fully committed to the safeguarding of our pupils. Our Safeguarding Policy sets out clear expectations in dealing with child protection issues robustly, sensitively and professionally.

All members of staff are trained in Child Protection and Safeguarding and are aware of the procedures and protocols to follow. If any member of the school or local community have any concerns about the welfare of a child in the school they should bring them to our Designated Safeguarding Team:


Designated Safeguarding Person: Ms D Baldock

Designated Safeguarding Person for Y7: Ms D Baldock

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person for Y8: Ms J Conway

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person for Y9: Mrs K Phillips

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person for Y10: Ms L Nicklin

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person for Y11: Mr C Davies/Mr J Williams

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person for Y12/13: Mr M Nelson


All members of the Designated Safeguarding Team can be reached via 01443 203411. Staff are able to report issues via the ‘My Concern’ platform, or face to face. Any safeguarding issue involving a member of staff should be reported directly to the Headteacher, Ms Debra Baldock.

School Security

Every effort is made to ensure the Health and Safety of all pupils and staff at the school. The school’s Health and Safety Officer monitors safety and security issues and regularly reports to the Governors. All visitors without exception are asked to report to reception who will then deal with their requests. The premises are monitored throughout the day with teaching staff also supervising the premises at both break and lunch times. The site also has a CCTV system, is fully fenced and traffic on the site is speed limited.