Home Learning

Home learning at Bryn Celynnog will be available to students via our Microsoft Office 365 platform.

All pupils at Bryn Celynnog have access to the latest Microsoft Office  applications as well as other  cloud-based services. Microsoft Office 365 is your Office in the cloud! It will allow you to create,  collaborate, edit, communicate and save school work as well as homework on your online space.

You will be able to access work on a range of devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Microsoft 365 can be accessed at home, in school or on the go, provided you have an internet connection. Students can access their 365 account with their school email via the link on the Bryn Celynnog Home page. Login Web Page

For help accessing your 365 account please select the link Accessing your Office 365 Account

Microsoft Teams

All students have been invited to a Microsoft Team for each of their subject areas. Teams is used primarily as a communication channel but will also home learning resources and allow teachers to set assignments and homework.

For help accessing Microsoft Teams please select the following link Teams_Help_Sheet


If you experience any difficulties accessing your account please contact Mrs K Stock at Kate.stock@bryncelynnog.org.uk

For any other queries please contact your Head of Learning.


Email Help Sheet