Code of Conduct

We expect you to:

  • arrive at lessons, assembly and registration on time
  • complete and hand in work on time.

We expect you to:

  • treat yourselves, other students, members of staff and guests with respect
  • stand when members of staff or guests enter the room
  • hold the door open for members of staff and guests
  • behave sensibly in lessons and around the school
  • allow other students to learn in peace and in safety
  • bring the correct books and equipment to lessons respect the school environment by putting your litter in the bins and by leaving chewing gum at home
  • use school property and school buildings respectfully
  • wear the correct uniform with pride
  • know and follow this code of conduct.

Disciplinary Procedures
Our priority is that students should be able to learn and teachers should be able to teach. To ensure this, any student who tries to spoil the learning of others is immediately removed from the lesson. The student is placed with a senior member of staff and given work to complete under close supervision. We record all instances of unacceptable behaviour on the school’s computerised behaviour log (ClassCharts).

Sanctions may include:

  • confiscating certain items (e.g. mobile phones that are used in school buildings)
  • withdrawal of privileges
  • being placed ‘on report’ to the Form Tutor, Head of Learning or Senior Staff
  • detentions at break time or after school
  • letters home
  • interviews with parents
  • payment for damage to school property
  • internal exclusion/isolation
  • fixed-term or permanent exclusion from school.

We operate punctuality controls at the school gates every morning from 8.45am and equipment checks every morning during registration.

Further details of the school’s disciplinary procedures and exclusion policy are available from the Headteacher upon request.