Nurturing our students’ well-being is the cornerstone of all we do. Students need to feel safe and happy coming to school in order to thrive and reach their full potential. All pupils have an allocated tutor who they see daily, as well as a Head of Learning for their year group who is responsible for their pastoral care. We also have a team of Learning Coaches whose role is specifically to support the wellbeing of the pupils, in liaison with their families where needed.


Well-being Check-in

Students are able to submit a well-being rating via the Class Charts app (using a five point scale). All pupils are asked to do this twice a week during our ‘whole school check-ins’ but they are also able to make a submission at any point during the school day should they want to. Any student indicating that they are ‘feeling low’ or ‘struggling’ will be spoken to by a member of the well-being team that same day and appropriate action and/or support will be put in place.