Year 11 Results Day 2020

Year 11 Results Day 2020 – Thursday 20th August.

This year we will be issuing results as previously but with due regards to social distancing guidance that is in place at this time.

Results will be available to collect in envelopes by the students between 8.30am – 10.30am, we apologise that at this time we are unable to allow parents to accompany their child.  Students will also be able to collect their Progress Files at this time and these will be made available in the relevant areas.

Students who are unable to attend must inform Ms T Thomas (Head of Learning), by email [email protected] , no later than Thursday 13th August.  Results for students not attending will be posted.

Students in registration groups 11 CNJ and 11 EJC will collect their results from the drama workshop.  Entry will be via the main reception and then accessed through the drama workshop entrance in Technology area. Students will leave via the fire exit into the car park.

Students in registration groups 11SJO and 11SML will collect their results from the main canteen.  Entrance will be through main reception and leave via the fire exit in the canteen.

Students in registration groups 11LMG and 11MGS will collect their results from the M Block.  Entrance will be via the back of M Block, LMG will enter at the nearest door to M3 and leave via the front door, continuing to the front entrance of M Block.  MGS will make their way upstairs and enter M9 via the nearest door and leave via the front door, continuing down the front stairs and leaving via the front entrance of M Block.

Students in 11HMJ and 11CT will collect their results from the English block.  Entrance will be through the English block rear door and enter the Library through the nearest door, exit will be via the front doors.

In each area students will be asked to complete a Post 16 destinations form and if they are returning to sixth form they will be required to sign a confirmation that their options choices are correct. Please be aware that some options will be highlighted red, if this is the case the student is required to seek guidance on the sixth form floor.

If any student planning to return to sixth form requires advice or guidance Mr Davies, Mr Thomas and Mrs K Thomas will be available on the main sixth form floor.  Sixth form can be reached via the stairs by the main canteen and should be exited via the Humanities stairs and continue out past the main canteen.

Please select the link below for essential information relating to the start of the new academic year in

July 2020 Year 11

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