Transition 2020

Welcome to Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive School! 

We are currently in unprecedented times and sadly we cannot meet face to face with our Year 6 pupils and parents.
The transition from primary school to secondary school is an exciting and significant event in the life of your child but also poses many questions. We have developed some booklets that we hope you and your child will find useful.

We very much look forward to meeting all of our new Year 7 pupils in September.


Arrangements for start of term 2020

The following document provides essential information regarding arrangements for September 2020.

July 2020 Yr 6

Please read and complete the following consent forms. The forms can be returned to Mrs Kate Stock at [email protected], alternatively you can print the files and your child can bring  them in on the first day.

Biometric cashless system fingerprint letter July 2020

Bryncelynnog Data Usage Consent_Updated


Blended Learning: Skills Practice
This is our blended learning booklet, created to help our KS3 pupils to access meaningful and enjoyable skills practice -whether in school or at home - through a broad menu of activities; some paper based and some online.
We invite  year 6 pupils to have a go at any or all of the tasks over the summer as part of their preparation for year 7.  This is entirely optional.  The format of the workbook should be familiar to pupils from their Y6 skills transition sessions and reflects the kind of work they will be doing in LINKS lessons in year 7.


Year 6 Summer Reading Challenge

Here at Bryn Celynnog, reading is firmly at the centre of our curriculum.  Nothing is more important than reading for developing essential skills that will enable you to succeed and thrive.  Not only does reading improve your vocabulary and language skills while increasing your broadening your understanding of the world around you, but it can also take you on some amazing adventures!

We would like to invite all Year 6 pupils who are starting at Bryn in September to complete our ‘Summer Reading Challenge’.  We challenge you to read six books (of your choice) in six weeks.  Once you have read all six books, please fill in the form here to show that you have completed the challenge.  All those pupils who successfully complete the challenge will get a small reward in September.  Good luck and enjoy!