School Council


Student Council @ Bryn.

Here in Bryn we believe in ‘Positive Pupil Power’

We have helped make this school a great place to learn.

What’s our secret?

Well we talk to Senior Management and they listen! They ask our opinion on loads of issues that affect us, the students, and that makes a real difference.

If you are the type of person that wants to get involved and be part of the action rather than part of the crowd, get yourself elected!


Recruitment for the year begins in September with assemblies for all year groups which explain the election process. Each tutor group in each year group selects a number of candidates to stand for election. A hustings week follows when each candidate has the opportunity to canvass their tutor group for votes. Finally there is a nominated election day when a secret ballot is carried out; the winner of each election is then announced in the following year assembly.

The first student council meeting of the year sees Ms Baldock welcome all new members and  sometimes experienced members who may be re-elected. The head teacher chairs every meeting and   sometimes invites other staff to discuss particular issues with the student councillors.

Each student is asked to make one action group their focus for the year. These are:

  • Sustainability (eco)
  • Global Citizenship ( fair trade)
  • Community (anti bullying, charity fundraising etc.)

A typical meeting will begin with a check in session which sets the tone. We have mix up games to get the group energised then we settle down to business.

Discussion involves all councillors as a talking piece is used, which is passed from person to person.  Only the person with the talking piece is allowed to speak so respect for the speaker is ensured.


Full student council meetings are held at least once every half term. This gives time for action groups to progress towards their own individual targets.

Action Group Targets

(Eco Team)

Litter Less.

Attend and give feedback on conferences regarding our environment.

Fund Raise for the Size of Wales

Maintain the Platinum Eco school Flag.

Global Citizenship

(Fair trade team)

Activities for Fair Trade

Manage the Lend with Care account.

Promote partnerships with schools or groups in other parts of the world.



(Anti-bullying Ambassadors)

Recruit and train Anti Bullying Ambassadors.

Provide support for students who are vulnerable in break and lunchtimes.

Attend conferences and give feedback regarding student health and well-being.



A typical meeting will have reports from each action group on activities that have taken place between meetings. A report on Fair Trade fortnight is a good example. Next we discuss items that are put on the agenda by the headmistress or other teachers. Finally we discuss items which are of interest to the student community. Any student can approach their student councillor and ask for an issue to be considered by the full council.

All the minutes (records) of our meetings are available to view.