Retail Business

Content Specification

Retail businesses operate in different retail channels, from outlets in local shopping arcades to catalogues and online shopping. There are different types and sizes of retailers, from large multinational department stores to small specialist retailers.

WJEC Level 1/2 Award in Retail Business is designed to mainly support learners in schools and colleges who want to learn about the retail businesses and the potential it can offer them for careers or further study.  It provides learners with a broad introduction to the retail sector and the types of career opportunities available.  It is mainly suitable as a foundation for further study.  This further study could provide learners with the specialist and general skills needed to start a career in a junior role, such as a sales assistant, stock control assistant, administrative assistant or apprenticeship.  Alternatively, if they have studied retail business and related subjects at a higher level, learners would be able to seek a more senior or specialist role including merchandiser, buyer, visual merchandiser or trainee manager, These roles require further education and training either through apprenticeships or further and higher education.

This is the qualification structure:

WJEC Level ½ Award in Retail Business
Unit Title Type Assessment
1 Customer Experience Internal 25%
2 Retail Business External 25%
3 Retail Operations Internal 50%


Internal Assessment – Unit 1: Customer Experience and Unit 3: Retail Operations

For internal assessments, WJEC has adopted the principles of controlled assessments.

External Assessment – Unit 2: Retail Business

75 minute examination in the summer period.  Total of 60 marks available.  Includes short and extended answer questions, based on stimulus material and applied contexts.  Grades available include Level 1 Pass, Level 2 Pass, Level 2 Merit and Level 2 Distinction.

Reasons for studying Business/Career Opportunities

Business gives pupils the opportunity to identify with the working world.  It gives them an insight into what is to come and allows them to explore different aspects of business.   Pupils will develop vital skills within the subject such as communication and teamwork as well as explore various natures of business such as retail, operations and customer service.

Business can lead to a wide variety of careers in all industries.  The study of this subject will be beneficial to any career or higher education course.  In particular jobs regarding management too.


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