Religious Studies A Level

Subject:                       Religious Studies

Level:                          AS and A LEVEL

Exam Board:                 W. J. E. C

Location:                      Y Pant School



Details:      GCE Religious Studies is a different, interesting, and thought provoking course, exploring topics that will prove rewarding in all aspects of a candidates future life, in their career and personal experience.


Entry requirements for the Course:

All you need is a ‘C’ at GCSE Short Course.

You don’t have to be “religious” – many students are not. The Course challenges you to reflect on and be able to defend your views.


Brief outline of the Course:

At AS Level Candidates study 2 options:

  • An Introduction to Religion and Ethics.

How do we decide to do the right thing? What is ‘the right thing’?

The course looks at how 3 ethical theories answer questions of both personal behaviour and the organizing of society.

Applied Ethics (Sexual Behaviour) looks at how modern society and   religion impact our sexual attitudes and society’s morality.

  • An Introduction to Buddhism.

Topics studied in this fascinating religion include “The Life of the Buddha”, Buddhist Lifestyles, Concepts and Practises, like Meditation.

Assessment: This is by Examination only, no Coursework.  Candidates are required to answer 2 structured essay questions from 4 on the paper.


A LEVEL GCE in Year 13:

Candidates study 2 Units:

  1. More complex issues in Ethics, including the Ethics of War and Medical and Genetic Ethics or Buddhism.
  2. Especially related ethical issues of the sanctity of life and beliefs about death and life after death.

Assessment:   There are two written papers with candidates answering 2 and 1 structured essay questions, out of 4 or 3, testing evaluative skills and knowledge and understanding.   These marks are added to a 25% weighting of the mark from AS.


Career Opportunities:

Religious Studies is highly regarded by Universities and employers as it proves you are able to think, discuss and evaluate. It is an excellent preparation for any humanities, social science or medical degree

+ careers in Broadcasting and media, Education, Legal and Police/ Probation Service, Politics, Social work and care, Medicine, Journalism, Financial Services, Community work, Publishing and many more.


Staff to consult for further information:       Mrs J Codd and Mrs S Burnell