Psychology A Level

Subject:                 Psychology

Level:                              AS and A Level

Exam Board:           WJEC

Location:               Y Pant School and Bryn Celynnog


Psychology is the scientific study of people, the mind and behaviour. It is both a thriving academic discipline and a vital professional practice.


Requirements for entry to the course:


Students wishing to follow this course should have a minimum of a B grade at English Language and Biology GCSE. This specification is designed to develop a basic understanding of the breadth of different approaches in Psychology. Through the study of psychological theories, concepts and research, candidates will develop an understanding of the principles governing the subject. Candidates will develop the ability to identify ethical issues, apply Psychology to cultural, social and contemporary issues and fine tune their evaluative and analytical skills.

The course is divided into four units, two of which are completed during the AS year and the remaining two in the A level year. The knowledge and understanding achieved in each unit is assessed through external examination only.


AS at a Glance

Unit Weighting Title Content
1 20% Approaches, therapies and classical research Biological





2 20% Contemporary debates Ethics of neuroscience

Primary caregivers

Eyewitness testimony

Positive psychology in today’s society


A Level at a Glance

Unit Weighting Title Content
3 40% Implications in the real world Addictive behaviours

Criminal behaviours


4 20% Research methods Understanding of how psychological research is conducted.

Evaluations of the effectiveness of various methods.