Please vote for Bryn

With over a thousand submissions from hundreds of schools over the UK, we have successfully become finalists in a competition held by the International Astronomical Union to name a star and an exoplanet.

We want to name the star, Recorde, after the famous Welsh mathematician, Robert Recorde. Robert was from Tenby, South Wales and lived from 1510 to 1558. He invented the equals sign. Therefore, we would like to name the exoplanet Hafal, after the welsh term for the equals sign. Also, Robert was one of the first noteable people to agree with Copernicus’ heliocentric model of our solar system. We believe that these names can link in well with names for other exoplanets if they were to be found. For example, other planets could be named after the different names for other mathematical symbols in different languages or after the people who first used them.

Please could you use this link to vote for our proposed names. You can vote multiple times as long as different devices are used. The vote ends on the 2nd December. With your support, we could win this!