Physical Education

The physical education department at Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive School plays a major and important role in the development of the “Whole Person”. It aims to provide an enjoyable, satisfying and balanced programme, with opportunities for all pupils to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

The development of confidence, tolerance and the appreciation of one’s own and other’s strengths and weaknesses are considered to be an important part of the learning process.

It is intended that the programme offered, together with an awareness of the leisure opportunities within the community, will develop those skills and attitudes conducive to involvement in an active and healthy lifestyle.


  • To develop an appreciation of health, fitness, well-being and the benefits of an active lifestyle.
  • To increase each pupil’s awareness of their own capabilities and an appreciation of individual differences.
  • To sustain an appreciation of physical movement through observation, analysis and evaluation.
  • To develop the ability to apply knowledge, skills and concepts appropriately and effectively in a variety of ways.
  • To develop positive attitudes towards physical activity,
  • To encourage maximum participation in competitive and non-competitive activity both during and after school.
  • To foster the convention of “fair play”, honest competition and good sporting behaviour.
  • To ensure safe practice through appreciation of rules, laws, codes and etiquette.
  • To acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment within the accelerating world of “Leisure and Sport”.
  • To promote and support leaders of the future.
  • To promote physical activity as “fun”.



Mr M Sallam

Mr J Stock

Mr N Roberts

Ms C Balfry

Miss S Bell