Opportunities in the Sixth Form Consortium


The Consortium Sixth form is open to any student who will benefit from the education and opportunities we offer. All prospective entrants will be offered guidance on the range of options open to them at enrolment; however, the final decision on admission will rest with the respective Heads of School at each centre.

If you are considering continuing your education with the Consortium you should be asking yourself the following questions:


  1. Is the curriculum provided relevant to your future career and educational aspirations?
  2. Does the curriculum offer enough breadth and balance allowing you to the develop skills, competence and knowledge which will be useful in future life?
  3. Is the social environment supportive and stimulating, giving you to establish good personal relationships with fellow students and staff?

The BYC Consortium’s activities are organised so that it can satisfy all these expectations and aspirations. The two schools work in unison to offer a broad range of opportunities and experiences, students have greater flexibility in their options choices to follow a curriculum which suits their goals.BYC places equal worth and value on all students, irrespective of race, gender and background. Each student is treated as an individual and the Consortium endeavours to provide the academic and social opportunities to meet the needs of all individuals.

BYC seeks to provide:

  • The opportunity to obtain academic and vocational qualifications which are required for higher, further education and employment.
  • The opportunity to mature and develop in an environment which is familiar and conducive.
  • The opportunity to discuss academic, personal and social problems with an experienced pastoral team.
  • The opportunity to take responsibility and acquire leadership skills. Students are encouraged to participate in social activities, charity work and community activities both in and out of school.
  • Sixth Form teaching staff who are experienced, committed, of high quality and place great emphasis on encouraging students to fulfil their potential.