The aim of the numeracy programme at Bryn Celynnog is to develop the ability of all students as a whole school directive. The intention of the programme is that it is to be utilised as a strategic tool for development, as a target for success and as an indicator of students who may need extra support to reach their potential in numeracy. We are continuously working on developments, long and short term that plans for the progression of numeracy within the selected numeracy rich subjects at Bryn Celynnnog.

Application of Numeracy for all Students

Students need to understand the language of the LNF (Literacy and Numeracy Framework) and be able to use their numeracy skills as an aid to improve their subject specific attainment. We strive to provide students with simplified language for better understanding of the framework and to ensure that we can target student needs accurately. We are confident that our strategies highlight the specific requirements of individual students by identifying areas where support is needed; our in-house numeracy support team are dedicated to this one goal.

Our Vision

Numeracy at Bryn Celynnog has been designed to underpin the majority of the curriculum with particular focus on five ‘Numeracy Super Subjects’; Maths, Science, Technology, Geography and PE. At Bryn Celynnog we feel numeracy should support the advancement of learning throughout these key subjects, drawing focus on specific skills development. Giving students the opportunities to experience how numeracy is applied to everyday situations and how it is utilised in professional scenarios is paramount to students’ understanding of the importance of numeracy.

The Wider Picture

We are considered lead practitioners in numeracy development and feel that we are at the forefront of skills development in the area. As teachers with varied professional backgrounds, we feel we have a wealth of experience in many areas that promote numeracy. We support many feeder schools in the area with a specific numeracy scheme of learning that prepares our future students for the challenging activities here at Bryn Celynnog. Our lead staff are seconded to other local secondary schools to provide specific support to staff in their journey through the provision of numeracy.