Additional Reading Sessions

Changes to the way in which reading skills are being assessed, both at KS3 and at GCSE, mean that it has never been more important to foster robust and transferable reading skills in our pupils. On a daily basis, pupils are required to make sense of, and respond to, a range of different texts. Texts can contain any mixture of words, pictures, photographs, diagrams, statistics, graphs, tables and other ways of communicating meaning. They all require pupils to employ reading skills successfully and independently in order to understand them fully.

As part of our whole school reading strategy, we have established a comprehensive programme of support aimed at enriching pupils’ experiences of, and attitudes towards, reading. These sessions focus on encouraging reading for pleasure while helping pupils of all abilities to reach their full potential.

The diagnostic reading tests we use to measure pupils’ reading ages enable us to pinpoint pupils that would benefit from support in specific areas. Therefore, the entire range of abilities is catered for by this programme. The development of pupils’ reading skills is monitored closely so that support can be adapted, increased or withdrawn as and when appropriate. It is our aim that every pupil has access to the support they need in order to achieve the independence required for success.

If your child is selected to attend additional reading sessions, you will be notified by letter. Sessions are tailored to your child’s needs, provide the opportunity for valuable, small group tuition (in many cases one to one) and are timetabled so that your child’s learning across the curriculum is unaffected. Should you require any more information, please contact Mrs Glennon, Literacy Coordinator.