KS3 Examination Timetable

Formal Exam Practice for Years 7-9

We have scheduled a period of formal exam practice for KS3 pupils on the 17th, 18th and 19th December.  The principal aim of this is to develop confidence and resilience by familiarising pupils with formal exam conditions prior to KS4.

Most of the exams are aimed at developing transferrable reading skills; presenting pupils with a subject themed text and accompanying questions that test their understanding.  Pupils can prepare by practising using Bryn’s Six Reading Keys while reading at home.  You can find more information in the Literacy Toolkit here.  Pupils will be told by their class teachers if they need to revise any subject specific content.

If you would like any further queries, please email Mrs Glennon, Head of Skills [email protected]

Year 7

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
09:00 English Maths Science
10:00 History
11:20 RE Music
12:20 Technology Art
13:55 Geog Welsh MFL

Year 8

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday
10:00 English Maths Science
11:20 Music History Geography
12:20 IT Technology
13:55 RE MFL Welsh

Year 9

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
09:00 History Geography Music
11:20 English Maths Technology
12:20 IT
13:55 Welsh



The core subject examinations of English, Maths and Science will take place in the sports hall.