KS3 Easter Exams & Wales National Tests


As you will be aware, we trialled our first KS3 formal end of term exam session before Christmas.  Attendance was excellent, behaviour was fantastic and pupils showed impressive levels of focus, commitment and effort.  The principal aim of giving pupils regular exam practice at KS3 is to develop confidence and resilience by familiarising pupils with formal exam conditions prior to KS4.  We have now collated feedback from both pupils and staff and are in a position to improve the process ready for the end of the Easter term.

We are going to use the Easter exam session as an opportunity to accurately assess how pupils are applying their literacy and numeracy skills across a range of subjects.  A consistent approach to measuring these skills across different subjects will enable us to record an accurate average mark for Literacy and an average mark for Numeracy for each pupil which will be reported to parents in order for you to gauge your child’s application of these skills across the curriculum.  An average mark for each year group will also be reported for reference. This will also be a good opportunity to prepare pupils and increase confidence in readiness for this year’s National Tests.

The exam session will take place over three days (8th, 9th, 10th April) and during this time we have built in targeted revision sessions with subject teachers as well as workshops on developing a growth mindset and self care/wellbeing.

Pupils will take exams in the core subjects: English, Maths, Science and Welsh, as well two other subjects (dependent on year group), an online ICT exam and an MFL listening exam:

Year 7

  Mon Tue Wed
1 Music Exam Science & PE Revision ICT Exam
2 Maths revision Science & PE Exam English Revision
3 Maths Exam Growth Mindset English Exam
4 MFL revision RE Exam Welsh Revision
5 MFL Exam (in classrooms) Mindfulness/wellbeing Welsh Exam


Year 8

  Mon Tue Wed
1 MFL revision Art Exam Science & PE revision
2 MFL Exam (in classrooms) Growth Mindset Science & PE Exam
3 English Revision Geography Exam Maths Revision
4 English Exam Welsh Revision Maths Exam
5 ICT Exam Welsh Exam Mindfulness/wellbeing


Year 9

  Mon Tue Wed
1 Science & PE Revision ICT Exam History Exam
2 Science & PE Exam Welsh Revision Mindfulness/wellbeing
3 Growth Mindset Welsh Exam MFL Revision
4 Maths Revision English Revision MFL Exam (in classrooms)
5 Maths Exam English Exam Technology Exam

Wales National Test 2019

Below is the schedule for this year’s compulsory national tests in reading and numeracy.  It is crucial that your child is in school to take the tests; please inform the school as soon as possible if you know in advance that your child will be absent for any of their test dates.


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Numeracy – Procedural (online) Tue 7th May

Lessons 1&2 in ICT rooms

Tue 30th April

Lessons 1&2 in ICT rooms

Tue 14th May

Lessons 1&2 in ICT rooms

Numeracy – Reasoning Thurs 9th May

Lesson 5

Wed 8th May

Lesson 5

Tue 7th May

Lesson 5

Reading Wed 8th May

Lessons 3&4

Tue 7th May

Lessons 3&4

Wed 8th May

Lessons 1&2


The Reading Test

Students read a passage before answering a mixture of multiple choice questions and questions needing short, closed responses which test their understanding of a text as well as their ability to make judgements based on what they have read.

The Numeracy Tests – Important changes this year

There are two kinds of numeracy tests; pupils have 30 minutes to complete each.

  1. The procedural test measures skills in number, measuring and data skills.
  2. The reasoning test measures how well children can use what they know to solve everyday problems.

From 2018/19 onwards, pupils are required to take their Numeracy (Procedural) Assessment online.  These assessments are personalised, which means the questions are selected based on the learner’s response to the previous question. A learner who answers a question correctly will receive a question that is slightly more challenging; a learner who answers a question incorrectly will receive an easier question. This process continues until the assessment system has covered the relevant aspects of the curriculum and gathered sufficient information on the learner’s responses. It is a tailored assessment that provides information on the skills of individual learners and whole classes. Marking is automatic and feedback will be available the day after the assessment is taken.

By 2020/21, all three tests will be online personalised assessments.

You will receive a report by the end of the summer term detailing your child’s performance. This will include their standardised score as well as a progress score.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected].