History A Level

Subject: History
Levels: AS and A LEVEL
Exam Board: W.J.E.C.
Location: Y Pant School


The AS and A Level course offered at Y Pant comprises of 1 PERIOD STUDY & 1 DEPTH STUDY and is examined by the WJEC.

PERIOD STUDY – Wales & England c1780-1886

This requires students to study an extended chronological period of 100 years or more. It places great emphasis on the need to understand the process of historical change and its causes and consequences both in the long and short term.

DEPTH STUDY – Nazi Germany c1933-1945

This requires students to study a relatively short historical period in much greater depth. In this unit of study students will use a wide range of different types of historical sources.


The course is made up of four units of study. Two of these units (HY1 & HY2) are studied at AS and the other two (HY3 & HY4) are studied at A Level. Each unit of study is weighted as follows:

Weighting within AS Weighting within A2
HY1 Period Study 60% 30%
HY2 Depth Study 40% 20%

Weighting within AS Weighting within A2
HY3 Depth Study (Coursework) 40% 20%
HY4 Period Study 40% 20%
Depth Study 20% 10%

Additional information regarding course content and methods of assessment can be found in a separate booklet produced by the Department.

Copies of this booklet are available from Mr. Sweet in Room 2.

Subject: History
Level: AS and A2
Exam board: WJEC
Location: Bryn Celynnog

Details: the WJEC History A Level course changed in September 2015. The content of this new course is outlined below. The new course consists of five different modules, each of which contributes 20% towards the final A Level qualification.

AS modules

AS Unit 1 Period study: Europe in an age of conflict and co-operation c. 1890-1991 (1 hour 30 minute exam consisting of open-ended essay-type questions)
AS Unit 2 In-depth study: Reform and Protest in Wales and England c. 1783-1832 (1 hour 45 minute exam consisting of evidence-based questions focusing on the evaluation of sources and of historical interpretations)

A2 modules

A2 Unit 3 Breadth study: The American century c. 1890-1990 (1 hour 45 minute exam consisting of essays focused on relevant historical concepts and based on historical themes)
A2 Unit 4 In-depth study: Reform and Protest in Wales and England c. 1732-1848 (1 hour 45 minute exam consisting of one source-based question and an essay arising from further study of the in-depth study)
A2 Unit 5 Historical interpretations: non-examined assessment.
An independent task of 3000-4000 words focusing on a specific historical issue.

Requirements for entry to the course

Students require a grade B or above at GCSE History in order to study the subject at AS/ A2 level. They also require a high level of commitment, motivation and self-discipline in order to succeed. In particular, the A2 modules require extensive independent research skills along with the ability to answer unseen open-ended essay questions in a highly sophisticated manner.

What are the benefits of studying History at AS/ A2 level?

Studying History at AS/ A2 level enables students to develop a highly critical and evaluative approach to analysing concepts such as change and continuity within a political, social and economic framework. Students by necessity become highly adept at constructing arguments both in the spoken and written form. As such, it enables students to develop a wide range of transferable skills; hence the popularity of History as a qualification for all forms of employment. The subject is fascinating in its own right and, at AS/ A2 level, encompasses the study of a wide range of areas and periods that shaped the very formation of the modern world in which we live today.

Staff to consult for further information: Mr. M. Nelson