Geography A Level

Subject:                 Geography

Level:                          AS and A LEVEL

Exam Board:                 W.J.E.C.

Location:                      Y Pant School



Geography develops an intellectual, social, moral and aesthetic understanding of the world in which we live


Requirements/Skills for entry to the Course

Normally a minimum of a C grade at G.C.S.E level


Brief outline of the Course

Advanced Subsidiary
G1 ·         Investigating climate change

·         Investigating tectonic and hydrological change

G2 ·         Investigating population change

·         Investigating settlement change


Advanced G.C.E.
G3 Contemporary Themes and Research:

·         Coastal landforms and their management

·         Development

·         Personal research in to depravation in Cardiff

G4 ·         Sustainability: Energy, water, food and cities.

Methods of Assessment

AS Level is assessed through two written papers, G1 is sat in January and G2 in June. A Level is assessed through two written papers, G3A in January and G4 in June.


Career Opportunities/Additional Information

Geography is a specific requirement for some careers such as urban planning. Geographers, however, are found in all walks of life. The subject imparts skills of observation, investigation, analysis and interpretation, which are essentially management skills required in a wide variety of careers. Geography also enables people to make informed judgements on some of the important social, political, economic and environmental issues of the day. The subject by its nature is integrative between the arts and sciences.


Staff to consult for further information

Mr Gareth Battle.