French A Level

Subject: French
Level: AS and A Level Exam Board: WJEC Location: Bryn Celynnog
Details The course provides an engaging and exciting opportunity for learners to build on their previous study of French. Through social, intellectual and cultural themes learners will be able to develop their linguistic knowledge and cultural understanding of the countries or communities where the language is spoken. An opportunity to study literature and film will allow learners to undertake a deeper analysis of language structures and increase their cultural awareness as part of an integrated approach to language learning. A strong focus is placed on building learners’ confidence and fluency in spoken French using relevant and topical themes. The requirement to research an area of personal interest related to the county or countries where the language is spoken aims to enhance learners’ cultural approach and enable them to gain a greater awareness of intercultural differences.
The AS module will include the study of a range of topics relating to social issues and trends as well as political, intellectual and artistic culture.
Theme 1 Being a young person in French speaking society.
• Family structures, traditions, modern values, friendships/relationships
• Youth trends, issues and personal history
• Educational and employment opportunities
Theme 2 Understanding the French speaking world
• Regional culture and heritage in France, French speaking countries and communities.
• France, Canada and Switzerland and Les Domtoms in a European context.
• Literature, art, film and music in the French speaking world.
To complete the A LEVEL module students will also cover the following areas of study.
Theme 3 Diversity and difference
• Migration and integration
• Cultural identity and marginalisation
• Cultural enrichment and celebrating difference
• Discrimination and diversity
Them 4 Political, intellectual and artistic culture: From June 1940-1950: The Occupation and the post war years.
• From June 1940 – May 1945 (occupation, liberation and end of World War 2)
• Life in Occupied France and the cultural dimension (theatre, cinema, literature)
• 1945-1950 rebuilding and restructuring
• Repercussions for modern day France.

Summary of Assessment
AS French A Level French
Unit 1: Speaking (12%)
Unit 2: Listening, reading and translation (15%)
Unit 3: Critical response in writing (13%) Unit 4: Speaking (18%)
Unit 5: Listening, reading and translation (23%)
Unit 6: Critical and analytical response in writing (19%)

Requirements / skills for entry onto the course All students should at least have minimum of a B grade in GCSE.

Career Opportunities Those students with a qualification in languages can look forward to promising career opportunities in fields such as business, manufacturing, catering, tourism, travel, publishing, journalism, secretarial positions, administration, the Police Force, the armed forces, the civil service, international organisations, import/export, hospitality, advertising, communications, computing, teaching, translating and interpreting.
Staff to consult for further information:
Mrs J Marshall
Subject: French
Level: AS and A LEVEL
Exam Board: W.J.E.C.
Location: Y Pant School
What is the course about?
The course builds on skills acquired at GCSE and aims to develop the following:
• The student’s ability to communicate effectively in French
• An awareness and understanding of contemporary society
• An insight into the culture of France.
Requirements for entry to the Course
Normally a minimum of an A or B grade at GCSE.
Brief outline of the Course
Topic areas include:
(a) Leisure and Lifestyles, including travel and tourism, sport, hobbies, entertainment, customs, traditions, healthy living – health, nutrition, diet and exercise; unhealthy living – drugs, aids, smoking, alcohol etc.
(b) The Individual and Society, including relationships and responsibilities, gender issues, youth culture (values, peer groups, fashions and trends etc.), education, vocational training and future careers.
A Level
Topic areas include:
(c) Environmental Issues, including technology pollution, global warming, transport, energy, nuclear energy, renewable energies, conservation, recycling, sustainability.
(d) Social and Political Issues, including the role of the media, racism, immigration, social exclusion and integration, terrorism, world of work ( employment, commerce, globalization etc.).

Throughout both the AS and A level course, students will have access to up to date material from the Internet, French magazines and newspapers. They will be required to complete listening and reading comprehensions, essay work, translation, oral work and grammatical exercises.
Students normally have lessons in small groups with the French Assistant in addition to timetabled lessons. All students are expected to involve themselves in departmental activities and opportunities exist to visit France.
For the A Level, in addition to the above, students will follow a Guided Studies Option where they will have the opportunity to study some of the following options within a French context:
• The World of Cinema
• The World of Literature
• The Regions of France

Career Opportunities
Business careers, European Law, Education, Interpreting/Translating, Tourism, Banking and many higher education science courses offer French as part of the degree course.

Staff to consult for further information
Mrs G. Hoare, Mrs E Davies