Extreme Reading Challenge




Are you up to the challenge? Can you be an Extreme Reader?


Books don’t need electricity; we can read them anywhere and everywhere!

We are inviting you ALL (including parents and staff) to take part in the Bryn Extreme Reading Challenge. The idea is to celebrate the diversity and versatility of books!

Think about all the weird, wonderful, exciting, fun and SAFE places you can enjoy a book.  Whether it’s up a tree, in a hammock, on top of a mountain or stood on your head, we want your photos! Obviously, it is important that you keep safe (we don’t recommend reading in the jaws of a crocodile) and that photos are appropriate.

So, tell your parent/carer your idea and ask them to take a photograph of you reading your book in your ‘extreme’ place.

We want to give you lots of time to plan and execute a really creative photo so the deadline for submitting entries isn’t until Friday 12th January.

Entries can either be emailed to brynliteracy@icloud.com, handed in to the library or tweeted with the hashtag #brynextremereading.

There will be a prize for the best photo in each year group, as well as the best parent photo and the best staff photo.

If you need some inspiration, google ‘extreme reading’ for lots of examples of extreme reading photos.

Have fun Extreme Reading!