Additional Information

The following documents are available for inspection:

  • LEA’s Curriculum Statement
  • LEA’s Agreed Syllabus for R.E.
  • LEA’s Curriculum Complaints procedure
  • Any DFEE and Welsh office documents sent to the school
  • Any HMI Reports on the school
  • Most recent Annual Report of the Governing Body
  • Schemes of work and syllabuses used in the school, showing how the National curriculum will be provided.
  • The school’s Equal Opportunity Policy
  • The destinations of school leavers
  • A statement on the school’s sporting aims and provision for sport
  • Healthcare Needs Policy
  • GDPR-Privacy-Notice-for-Pupil-Information 
  • Professional Learning Plan

If parents wish to obtain copies of the above documents, a small charge for photocopying may be made by the school.