Design Technology A Level: Product Design

Subject:                       Design Technology: Product Design

Level:                          AS and A LEVEL

Exam Board:                WJEC

Location:                      Bryn Celynnog


Course content

There are 4 units in all.


Unit 1 DT1: Examination; 40% of As Level, 20% of A Level.
Unit 2 DT2: Coursework, design and make task of 60% AS Level and 30% A Level.
Unit 3 DT3:Examination, 20% of A Level
Unit 4 DT4: Students choose a design brief set by the examination board, 30% of A Level.


The relationship between the subject content and the examination papers is explicitly stated so that candidates can be clear of the scope of each paper.

Candidates will, at all times, be encouraged to use their own initiative both in designing and making. The course is designed so that personal interests and qualities can be emphasised, so that their individual qualities can shine through.

The subject is useful to demonstrate to universities how candidates are able to work through a problem using logical systems to overcome problems. A great number of skills, useful in many courses, are required e.g. research, analysis, evaluation. Anyone wishing to pursue careers related to design or engineering (and there are many of these graduate careers), Architecture, graphics or manufacturing will find the course stimulating and have great benefit.

Career Opportunities/Additional Information

All aspects of Engineering, Graphical Design, Product Design, Architecture and Teaching.


Staff to consult for further information: Mr. J. Williams