Christmas Around The World

Darcy Holland

Christmas. The time of year when everyone seems lighter.

Parents are less strict, (hopefully), workload slowly fades away, (probably not), and food with sky-high calorie counts become acceptable.

Christmas is a special time of year. A time with magic that brings people together. Maybe your family has a tradition? In my house, we have new pyjamas every year, on Christmas Eve. My friend and his family collect sticks from the forest, and hang them up in the shape of a tree! All around the world, people have different Christmas traditions! So here are 8 Christmas traditions that are celebrated, worldwide.

  1. Pickle Tree

In Germany, it is often tradition that a small pickle is hid amongst the branches of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. The first child to find the pickle in the morning receives a special gift!

  1. Wedding Bells?

In the Republic of Czechoslovakia, unmarried women stand by a door, and throw a shoe over their shoulder. If the toe is pointing towards the door when it lands, she will get married within the next year!

  1. Mari Lwyd

A Welsh tradition, that I wasn’t aware of, happens in some villages on Christmas Eve! A villager is chosen to parade around the streets, carrying the skull of a mare on a stick.

  1. ‘Mummers’

In Latvia, a group of people in costumes parade around their village, travelling from house to house. Families are expected to give them a treat, in a return for a blessing.

  1. Evil Goblins

According to Greek Traditions, the Kallikantzaroi, a breed of evil goblins, emerge from their underground homes during the twelve days of Christmas, to wreak havoc on the streets!

  1. Santa’s Address

In Canada, the address Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada, HOHOHO is recognised. Thousands of letters are opened, and replied to.

  1. Sweet Shoes

In Iceland, children leave their shoes on the windowsills during the twelve days of Christmas. The shoes are filled with sweets each night, ready to be enjoyed the next day!

  1. Danny Boy

South African children are warned by the story of a little boy called Danny. He had angered his Grandmother by eating the cookies left out for Santa, and he later passed. It is said that he haunts homes during the Christmas period.


Christmas isn’t all about getting presents, it’s about appreciating your friends and family, and letting them know how much you love them.

Enjoy your Christmas break, relax and eat lots!


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