Welcome to the Bryn Blog – the home of all things Bryn Celynnog related.

This blog is dedicated to you, the students, and this means it will be run by students too! We aim to post interesting and current articles, but we also want to help you plan for the future.

There will be serious posts; like those that discuss exam revision techniques, but also fun posts – such as; delicious recipes.

We are going to start a selection of monthly series, mixed in with some more random posts!

  • Career of the Month
  • Review of the Month
  • Recipe of the Month


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Want to meet the minds behind these posts? Read on!

Hello. My name is Darcy and I’m Head Girl this year.  I love to write! I’m studying French, English Literature and History for my A Levels, and I would love to go to Yale.
I think the Bryn Blog will bring something new, fun and interesting to Bryn Celynnog. Along with Jack; I am going to lead our team.

Hello. My name is Jack and I am part of the VI Form Head Team, and am proudly partnered in the running of the upcoming Bryn Blog. I am studying Business and ICT for my A Levels, and I would love to be a pilot when I finish school. I think this blog will bring something new and unique to the school, and I can’t wait to start posting with the input of other year groups in the school. Along with Darcy, I are going to lead our team.

Hello. My name is George and I am Deputy Head Boy, aka Darcy’s personal assistant. I’m studying 3 A levels, Maths, Business and Physics. I wanted to contribute to the blog by giving some insight regarding my day to day school experiences. I have plans to go to university after VI form. I want to study finance and accounting *yawns*.

Hello. My name is Megan, and I’m a member of the Head Team this year. I’m studying English Literature, History and Psychology, and I’m tentatively looking into studying English Literature at uni! Who knows! I think the Bryn Blog will bring a new and exciting aspect to the school.

Hello.  My name is Tom, and I’m Deputy Head Boy. For my A Levels, I am studying English Literature, Law and Business. I’m very talented in the expertise of procrastination, but somehow manage to get everything done. After school, I plan on winning the lottery. I think the Bryn Blog is an innovative and unique idea, and am going to try my hardest to ensure it is a success.

Hello. My name is Cerys, and I am part of the Bryn Blog Team. I want to promote equal rights for all, and to campaign to stop discrimination based on gender, sexuality, background, appearance, race and disability. I’m studying Business, Maths and English Literature for  my A Levels. I think The Bryn Blog will be a great platform to encourage education and acceptance!