bbc_school_reportThe Bryn Blog team were given the amazing opportunity to participate in the BBC School Report day 2018. There would be 5 pupils picked from the team to represent Bryn Celynnog on the Dot Davies show on the 15th of March.

The process started with a meeting with Bethan and Steve from the BBC to discuss topics of interest which the chosen 5 pupils would discuss with Dot and guests on her show. All pupils took an active part in the discussion giving many thought provoking ideas and topics. Bethan and Steve then took our ideas to the team back in the BBC to find out which topic they thought would be best to engage with the audience and chose the 5 lucky pupils who would join Dot on her show. After much deliberation the chosen pupils were myself, Darcy Holland, Tom Cotter, George Morris and Jessica Graham and the topics were voting at 16 and vet bills.

With the topics chosen and the us excited we headed for a preparation day on the 8th of March at the BBC studios in Cardiff. We spent the day talking through the segments, reading newspapers to get up-to-date with current affairs, talking with the production team and meeting with Dot Davies.

The following week, the big day came when we would be live on BBC Radio Wales. The day stared with an early bus ride to the studio and then signing in promptly at 7 am. With adrenaline racing we met with Bethan and decided on the final segment that will be discussed which was Eddie Jones, a headline in the news that day.

Heading into the studio, we were briefed on the running order and we all entered the studio at 9am. We all did an introduction with Dot and then Darcy and Jessica exited the studio and left myself, George and Tom ready to talk about voting at 16. We were fully engaged with not only Dot but the guests who phoned into the show and enjoyed every second we were on air. Darcy and Jessica then took over and coved the topic of vet’s bills. They connected with many listeners and had tons of fun. Finally, we were invited back into the studio to thank Dot and end the show.

Overall, the day was filled with excitement and memories that will be closely cherished. The opportunity to have this experience was once in a life time. We loved every minute and are very grateful for the experience.

“Thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the BBC. I particularly enjoyed meeting the staff, who were all amazing and very encouraging, and seeing what goes on behind the scenes, wouldn’t hesitate to do it again” – Tom Cotter

“Having the opportunity to take part in BBC School Report Day was absolutely amazing – a once in a lifetime experience (or hopefully more than once!). I have learned so much about radio, and how much work goes into the truly intimate experience of a radio show. I would love to take part again!” – Darcy Holland

“A very good experience that I won’t forget. Gave a fantastic insight into the way the show was made from ideas to presenting. It made me very interested in the process and I’m considering it as a future career” – George Morris

“Being able to go in the studio, meet the broadcasting team and even having the opportunity to go live on the radio is an experience I feel privileged to have had. I enjoyed every aspect of the 2 days and feel that I’ve been able to gain a lot from the experience. It is a memory I won’t be able to forget” – Jessica Graham

We would all like extend our thanks to everyone who made this possible: Steve, Bethan, Dot, the production team, Miss Bryant and Miss Howells.

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