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No Birds Sing at Auschwitz

Darcy Holland

It’s October 1944. Yet another engine, pulling 150 wooden carriages, pulls into Auschwitz II-Birkenau in what used to be known as, and is now called again, Oświęcim, Poland. Inside, thousands of Jewish people from across Europe are packed in too

Turkey Stir-fry

Cerys White

This recipe is perfect, regardless of whether you’re worried about not being able to cook at university, or your parents want you to cook more for your family. It is healthy, cheap, colourful and relatively cheap. Prep Time: 15 minutes

The Greatest Showman – The greatest show ever, literally.

Darcy Holland

Over the Christmassy period, amongst cute, fuzzy, films like Paddington 2, a new musical was released – The Greatest Showman. This is a film that I feel the urge to restart as soon as the credits roll! I have already

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Career review of the month: Aviation Industry

Jack Kershaw

As it’s something quite close to my heart, and something that I would be interested in pursuing as a career, I thought that for the first ever Career of the Month post, I would write about something I know and

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A New Year – A Fresh Start?

Darcy Holland

New Year always seems to get people sentimental. Some people are sad, reluctant to let go of the previous year. Others feel excited, refreshed, and ready to go. A lot of people make resolutions, and a lot of people donate