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Roald Dahl Challenge


Roald Dahl Story Telling Challenge – Key Stage 3 This month marks 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl – the world’s number one storyteller. There will be celebrations across the world in his honour and here at Bryn,

School Election


Vote for Change! Conservative, Labour, Green, Liberal? –NO! Student Council – Yes – A real election to make a difference to the school community. Encourage your child to stand for election to make a difference. This year marks a change

LINKS Year 7


LINKS YEAR 7   At KS2 our students experience topic based lessons every day that enable them to use and apply key Literacy and Numeracy skills in a variety of contexts. From September 2015, we will take advantage of this

Cleaning Up the Community


Cleaning Up the Community blurb

Summer Reading Challenge


Summer Reading Challenge blurb

Other philosophers in the 20th century reappropriated it to

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You an orphan right?So, the big one for me was (500) Days of

The Hobbit movies show that great music, production design and effects (mostly), can save a movie from weak storytelling. Jackson, when his heart is in it, really knows how to work a narrative. And he did an excellent job finding

I happen to be a tactile learner

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