At Bryn Celynnog School we continually strive for high standards in all that we do to ensure learners succeed. Excellent attendance and punctuality are an essential element of life in school and in preparing young people for the world of work.

Signing in/out procedure

Any child arriving at school after 9.00am will have missed the morning registration mark and must sign in at Reception, giving a reason for the late arrival. Any child who has to leave school during school hours for a medical appointment or similar reason must have a note requesting this. This should be addressed to the form teacher. Children leaving school during the school day must sign out at Reception.

Dental and medical appointments

Parents and carers are asked most earnestly not to arrange these during school sessions, except in cases of urgency, so that children do not fall behind with their school work. Please do not keep children out of school for the whole day unless absolutely necessary.


Pupils persistently arriving after the close of the registration period in more than ten sessions of an academic term may result in a FPN being issued to the parent/carer. The law treats persistent lateness in the same way as irregular attendance and parents can be prosecuted if late arrival is not resolved.

Absence Procedures

Please contact our Attendance Team as soon as possible if your child is absent. You can contact the school by either telephoning us on 01443 203411 (Press 1) or by emailing [email protected]

Leave of absence/Holidays during term time

We strongly discourage parents/carers from taking learners on holiday during the school term. Unfortunately, the school will not be able to authorise holidays taken during term time. If you are unable to avoid taking your child out of school during term time, please complete an application for leave of absence.

Application for leave of absence

Please submit this form at least four week before the planned leave of absence. Forms can be emailed to [email protected] or handed into reception.

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