Both A Level and AS level will be graded at A*, A, B, C, D, E pass grades and U (unclassified) denoting a fail.

Monthly attendance checks will be made and parents informed if a pupils’ attendance in lessons falls below 90%. If a pupil’s attendance falls below this level they will be expected to pay their examination entry fees and in cases where a pupil’s attendance is very low they will not be entered for any examinations.

A fee will be levied for each resit module entered.

Pupils with low attendance figures, without valid reasons, will be expected to pay for all examination entries.

BTEC firsts

Level 2 equivalent to 4/5 GCSEs grades A-C


All units are assessed and graded in school with pass, merit and distinction grades.

Assessment and Reporting




Student is assessed on a regular basis and in a manner which is directly relevant to the type of course they are studying. All aspects of a student’s performance academic, personal and social are monitored.




All parents and students over 18 will receive full written reports on progress each year. In addition, there will be termly progress checks.


In each of their subjects pupils will be given a target grade that is based on their GCSE performance.