Assessment and Achievement

At Bryn Celynnog we encourage our students to achieve their personal best in every aspect of school life. We aim to celebrate and reward achievement at every opportunity.

When students enter Bryn Celynnog, we use data from the primary schools and our own screening tests to determine whether individuals would be best placed in the accelerated learning groups, the small special needs group or mixed ability groups. We set individual targets for all students.

During the Autumn Term, students and their parents are invited into school for a personal target-setting meeting with a senior member of staff. The aim in Year 7 is to set end of Key Stage 3 target levels and in Year 10 to set GCSE targets.

Progress and achievement is then assessed by:

  • the regular marking of both classwork and homework;
  • regular testing to monitor progress;
  • formal annual examinations in English and Maths from Year 7;
  • GCSE ‘mock’ examinations in key subjects for Year 10 and 11 students;
  • interim Progress Checks twice a year, which indicates, by the use of effort and attainment grades, whether or not a student is on track to attain his/her individual targets;
  • termly monitoring of performance throughout Key Stage 3;
  • monthly monitoring of performance throughout Key Stage 4;
  • annual reports to parents which outline progress in each subject and give suggested strategies for further improvement;
  • a full analysis of each child’s end of Key Stage 3 Teacher Assessments in Year 9.

The school provides frequent opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s progress.

Students who are underachieving are given an Assertive Mentor who works with the student to get them back on track. The Assertive Mentor acts both as support and a spur, refusing to accept excuses for underachievement and teaching the student strategies to improve performance.