Art and Design A Level

Subject: Art and Design
Level: AS and A LEVEL Exam Board: WJEC
Location: Bryn Celynnog

Details The new ‘A’ Level course is intended for students who wish to pursue, extend and develop their studies of Art & Design to a greater depth than that is required for GCSE. Art, Craft and Design is distinguishable from other options in as much as student are enabled to demonstrate personal interests and abilities across a particularly broad course of study. Students are expected to take risks in their work through exploring materials, techniques and processes with a strong emphasis on drawing. Students are also required to study in depth, the work of contemporary and historical practitioners to inform their own extended written work.

Brief outline of the course and method of assessment:

Unit 1

160 marks AS.1 – Personal Creative Enquiry.
An extended project/portfolio, outcomes based on themes and subjects matter which are personal
First term – Fundamental skills, knowledge and understanding foundation Base.
Terms 2 and 3 – Develop and submit personal portfolio.
To Mid May


A2 Unit 2

160 marks A2.2 – Personal investigations
Part 1 – A major in-depth critical, practical and theoretical investigative project/portfolio and outcomes based on themes of a personal significance.
Part 2 – An extended written element of 1000 words minimum which must clearly relate to practical and theoretical work using appropriate vocabulary and specialist terms.
June to


Unit 3

100 marks A2.3 Externally set assignment
Part 1 – Preparatory study period
Part 2 – 15 hour period of sustained focus / work
February to Mid May
All units are internally assessed and externally moderated in June. Requirements/skills for entry onto the course. Due to the new specifications showing strong evidence of drawing and a theory study, all students should have at least a grade “B” in GCSE Art and Design and GCSE in English. Students who have a “C” grade will be accepted following consultation with staff and on the condition that the first term is a probationary period and progress will be carefully monitored. The course is demanding and requires a high level of commitment, motivation and self-discipline particularly when researching Art Galleries, libraries and completing workbooks and working independently in the 6th form studio and out of school.
Career Opportunities. Students may progress on to a one year Foundation course at college or go straight onto their degree studies. Interviews for the Foundation course take place after Christmas in Year 13. Following the foundation year, students can then choose to study at degree level, there are many exciting and rewarding fields in Art & Design, e.g. Fine Art, 3D Design, Fashion Design, Textile/Interior Design, Graphics, Illustration, Ceramics, Metalwork or glass forming, Film Animation, Game Design etc.

The A Level course in Art and Design is stimulating and rewarding in its own right, whether or not the student is specifically aiming at a career in this field. It is a recognised qualification for entry into Higher Education.
A sixth form studio space has been created in the Art Department enabling students to work purposefully in study periods.

Staff to consult for further information: Mrs. E. Burke (HOD), Miss S. Nolan, Mrs C. Davies