Applied Business Studies A Level

Subject:       A Level Business Studies.

Level:                    AS and A LEVEL

Exam Board: WJEC

Location:      Bryn Celynnog


This course encourages students to take a problem-solving approach to Business Studies in order to help them understand the nature and operation of business and industry and to develop their ability to recognise, define, analyse and evaluate problems. Whenever appropriate, ICT resources are used e.g. construction of break-even charts and internet based researches.

The course can be studied at AS or A level a summary of the scheme of assessment for AS and A level is set out in the table below.

AS (2 units)

AS Unit 1 –   Business Opportunities

Written examination: 1 hour 15 minutes

15% of qualification                                                                                                 60 marks

Short answer and structured questions.

Business opportunities, business start-ups, SMEs and other type of business organisations and the markets in which they operate.

AS Unit 2 – Business Functions

Written examination: 2 hours

25% of qualification                                                                                                80 marks

Data response questions

Covers the full AS content.

A Level (the above plus a further 2 units)

A2 Unit 3 – Business Analysis and Strategy

Written examination: 2 hours 15 minutes

30% of qualification                                                                                                 80 marks

Data response plus structured question.

Business strategy and analytical techniques used in the business decision-making process.

A2 Unit 4 – Business in a Changing World

Written examination: 2 hours 15 minutes

30% of qualification                                                                                                   80 marks

Case study plus one essay from a choice of three.

Covers the full A level content.


Requirements/Skills for entry onto the course

No prerequisite subject qualifications expected, but a high level of numeracy and literacy is required. Good ICT skills would also be beneficial.  Involvement in this course will result in the development of higher level skills – especially these of analysis and evaluation.


Career Opportunities

This course is a demanding but highly interesting one and would be an excellent preparation for those anticipating a business related degree course or perhaps a career in commerce and industry.


Staff to consult for further information

Mrs N Phillips, Miss L Whitcombe



Subject:           Business Studies.

Level:              AS and A LEVEL

Exam Board:     AQA

Location:          Y Pant School

Requirements/Skills for entry to the Course

Students should have 5 GCSE grade C passes. There is no requirement to have followed GCSE Business Studies previously.


The Business Studies Department offers the AQA Advanced GCE in Business Studies (2130) specification in Year 12 and 13. This course offers a logical progression for those who have studied GCSE Business Studies with the same examination board and yet provides an opportunity for those opting for the subject for the first time.

The course can be studied at AS or A level a summary of the scheme of assessment for AS and A level is set out in the table below.

The course aims to:

  • develop students’ critical understanding of organisations, the markets they serve and the process of adding value. This will involve consideration of the internal workings and management of organisations and the process of decision-making in a dynamic external environment.
  • create students’ awareness that business behaviour can be studied from the perspectives of a range of stakeholders including customer, manager, creditor, owner/shareholder and employee.
  • enable students to acquire a range of skills including decision-making and problem solving in the light of evaluation and, where appropriate, the quantification and management of information.
  • Involve students in visits to businesses to observe production methods.

The specification offers the opportunity for students to cover the full range of key skills.

The Specification at a Glance

Advanced Subsidiary
Unit 1 Business Planning and Financing

This section provides candidates with an introduction to the scope of Business Studies within the context of starting a new business. Candidates will be expected to have an understanding of the range of activities involved in setting up a small business.

Unit 2 Managing a Business

This section introduces candidates to the importance of the management of finance. Candidates should understand that financial measures can be used to indicate how well a business is managed and should understand actions that can be taken to improve financial performance. Candidates will be expected to carry out calculations and to be able to interpret their results. This section builds upon ‘Financial Planning’ in Unit One.


Advanced G.C.E.
Unit 3 Strategies for Success

In the study of this unit candidates should examine the topic areas below in relation to the core themes of setting objectives, measuring performance and devising strategy.

Unit 4 The Business Environment and Managing Change

This considers the relationship between businesses and external factors. It examines how external factors can impact upon businesses, and the responses they may take. The unit also examines a number of themes which are important in the strategic management of businesses, for example, leadership and corporate culture. Candidates should consider how businesses can manage change successfully. This unit will be studied through a variety of real business contexts to allow candidates to understand how the impact and response to change varies.

Staff to consult for further information. – Miss J. Gavaghan/Mr S Rees