A New Year – A Fresh Start?

Darcy HollandNew Year always seems to get people sentimental. Some people are sad, reluctant to let go of the previous year. Others feel excited, refreshed, and ready to go. A lot of people make resolutions, and a lot of people donate keep them.

But here we are, another year stretching its wings ahead. There are months and months to fill with memories, a fresh spring to bring sunshine, a long and promising summer, and then another Christmas.

Maybe 2017 was an amazing year; you succeeded, you had fun, you were proud. Maybe 2017 was a bit rubbish; you didn’t  do as well as you hoped, you didn’t do much at all. Learning from the 365 days before, and looking at the 365 days to come, you can make 2018 the best year yet.

Some of you will be entering stressful times; GCSEs are scary, A Levels are even worse. Jobs are terrifying! You can do this! A positive attitude, a growth mindset, and plenty of water, are the tools you need to succeed.

What do you want from this year? Success in exams? To learn as much as possible? Fun? Happiness? These things are all in your reach, so go get them. Do not let that little voice in your head tell you it’s improbable, (or impossible)!

A new year really is a fresh start, as cliche as it sounds. So be positive, and make it count.


Written By Darcy Holland (Head Girl)